On medication

I had a back operation in November and everything seemed to go well until early February. By late March I was in agony. Two visits to A&E eventually brought it under control, but I found myself quite incapacitated, on a lot of medication – 32 tablets a day – and under doctor’s order to ‘do absolutely nothing’ for the next 12 weeks.

A scan revealed a second problem too close to the first to consider operating, so I had to hope the rest and a good physiotherapist would lead to a recovery. To stop me going stir crazy we decamped to France where I set up the field camera and documented my medication regime as I gradually reduced the dosage.

Old French houses tend to be darker inside, which keeps them cool in the summer, and gives the light a sombre quality, much loved by still life painters.

Very sadly, two of our neighbours died soon after I started this little project and are remembered in the two empty snail shells that appear part way through the sequence.