Green Farm, Prickwillow

Light on the water…3

We are especially sensitive to light and weather. In the past our survival depended on how well we could read these signs and our emotional response to a particular place varies with changing light and atmosphere – under cloud or caught by the morning sun.

Anne and Peter's cliff top house close to the Lizard in Cornwall offers a rare opportunity to capture a daily drama of shifting light and atmosphere, never exactly re-enacted but with an underlying rhythmic consistency driven by diurnal wind and weather patterns.

On a hazy spring day, the sheer intensity of light coupled with the mild fear that comes when you are perched 200 feet above rock and tide, give this place a very special, raw, mesmeric quality.

This sequence of thirty-five images was shot between 9:50am and 10:07am on the 9th of April 2011: a few magic moments as a band of dappled cloud drifted towards the shore and sunlight danced on the water…

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