Green Farm, Prickwillow

Light on the water…1

I have friends, Anne and Peter, who live at White Feather, Inyswidden, a cliff top house above the fishing village of Cadgwith and close to the Lizard - the southernmost point in the UK.

The house looks out towards the Southeast, across what seems at first just empty open sea, but is in fact a major shipping lane criss-crossed by small boats and huge cargo ships. Here the light and atmosphere change constantly, but with a certain rhythmic consistency, driven by on- and off-shore winds that change with the time of day.

The first of several early sequences shot on film with a medium format camera and timed manually, this sequence of twenty-four images was shot between 6:55am and 12 noon on the 1st of November 2003: a bitterly cold day with dark brooding clouds gradually giving way to a dense fog…

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