My field reference kit - maps, notebook, depth-of-field charts, colour cards

Field notes

Colour in the landscape gives us a clue to weather and time of day, and for me it is important to record it accurately. In the past, colour accuracy was achieved by using known film stock, normally balanced to mid-day sunlight, and coloured filters to adjust for actual conditions. This worked well but there were limits to its accuracy.

Digital photography combined with the right software gives far greater control. To exploit this I use colour reference cards and a pocket book of charts, all of my own making, to pin down particular colours in sky, clouds, grass and soil to fine-tuning the colour balance later.

Depth of field

Depth of field is critical to maintain sharp detail over as much of image as possible at the large print sizes I favour. This requires fine control over near and far focus.

The best way to achieve this is by experiment. Careful manual setting of the camera in the field is the next step to achieving the very best results, and I have my own aide-mémoire for each camera/lens combination.