Exhibitions & installations

I see the making of images as an integral part of the storytelling that is central to the way we understand our lives and the world around us. Exhibitions and installations are opportunities to develop narratives around themes that interest me.

One Rock (2003/4) a multi-media installation explored themes of identity and loss.

Two exhibitions in Ely – Flat Earth: The Ely Fens (2006) and Short Walks on the Lark (2008) examined the modern rural landscape and large-scale farming in East Anglia, and

A photo-installation in London – Flat Earth 2007 linked that to the tipping point when worldwide the urban population first outnumbered the rural population and we became a city-dwelling species – Homo Urbanis.

Vendanges d'Images (2010) an open air exhibition, shifted the focus to patterns of agriculture in rural France.

New Departures (Ely 2012)
A joint show with my partner Sally Reilly, picked up on recent themes and new ideas.

A Husk of Hares (Wisbech, March and Ely 2013)
A travelling exhibition featuring the Fens between Ely and Wisbech. A collaboration with writer Sue Welfare and painter John Wiltshire, exploring the landscape and how local people see and react to it.