My field note book and colour references

Technical stuff

I shot on film for many years, learning how to develop and print in B&W. My favourite camera was an Olympus OM1. Later I added a medium format Mamiya C330 and enjoyed the more contemplative approach and exacting technique this camera required.

I used the Olympus alongside pencil sketches for rapid surveys captured on slides and, as I substituted photography for drawing, the Mamiya delivered the finer detail. But I was frustrated by the delays involved in developing and scanning and the consequent lack of immediacy.

I now work exclusively in digital format from capture to print. I use a Canon 5D and a Mamiya 645AFD with a Phase One P30 back. I have recently added an Arca Swiss 6x9 F-line and Schnieder lenses to get the very most out of my P30 and now a Fuji X100 and X-E1 as digital equivalents of my old OM1.

I shoot in RAW, using Adobe Lightroom and Capture One to 'develop' images, and do all my printing on a large format Epson Printer.