About myself

I trained as a fine artist at Edinburgh College of Art, and have never lost contact with the hand and eye skills I developed there. In 1968 I became a founder member of ‘The Welfare State’ community arts group, which carved out a reputation for innovative celebratory events and performances.

In the late 60s and early 70s I taught at Leeds and St Martins schools of art, and later worked on community-based renovation projects, acquiring the designing and making skills that I applied to developing socially useful products and services through the GLC technology networks when the red flag flew above County Hall in Margaret Thatcher's era.

Inclusive design

In 1991 I set up a flourishing centre for ‘inclusive’ design at the Royal College of Art, to ensure that older and disabled people are no longer marginalised by inconsiderate design. The centre also specialises in design for safer and better healthcare.

Alongside photography and drawing, I design and make furniture in my workshop/studio. You can visit in July and at other times when I take part in Cambridge Open Studios, along with my ceramicist wife, Sally Reilly.