Postcards from America: The story of a 2004 trip to the desert areas in the south-west of the United States, taking in the permanent installation of artworks in a disused cavalry fort at Marfa, Texas, continuing through border country by the Rio Grande to Brackettville, and from there to San Antonio.

Brackettville is a small semi-abandoned town that grew up by Fort Clark, home of the famous ‘Buffalo Soldiers’, Black Seminole scouts of mixed African American and Seminole ancestry. Afro-Seminole Creole is still spoken in Brackettville, so-named after the owner of the fort trading post.

My grandfather Frederick Lee Thomas was born there in the late 1870s and left around the turn of the century, when the Wild West was coming to an end.

I put together 36 images from the trip – the equivalent of one roll of Kodachrome – and printed them as a present for friends and a memento of the journey.

Some are my shots and some are Sally’s. Half were taken on an early miniature digital camera, a Casio Exilim ES2 from 2002.